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Let’s face it, reading through the Bible can be hard.

It’s easy to get stopped, stumped, tripped up, and otherwise discouraged.

It’s hard to know how much to read, where we left off, or how to fit the pieces together so that the Bible actually makes sense as a whole, as well as in its parts. We have great intentions, plans, and dreams. And then we hit Leviticus.

The Daily Walk Bible makes getting through the Bible easier.

It doesn’t rearrange the Scripture. There’s no complicated reading plan. It’s simple. Start at the beginning and follow the daily reading plan. Each day you’ll explore a little more of God’s story!

“This is my favorite Bible to use for daily devotion. Before The Daily Walk Bible, I had never made it through entire Bible. Now I’ve read it three times, and I’ve gained fresh insights, and I’ve found myself newly challenged and inspired each time. The Day 7 review is particularly special – allowing a valuable pause for reflection, which often yields even more fresh insights into what God’s saying in His word, and how it can apply to my life.”Jeff, Daily Walk Bible Reader

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For more than three decades, Walk Thru the Bible has been dedicated to igniting passion for God’s Word worldwide.

Well known for its Walk Thru the Old Testament and Walk Thru the New Testament events, Walk Thru the Bible also publishes devotional magazines, resources designed for small groups and individual use, and of course, The Daily Walk Bible.

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